Ulead Photo Express 6 Full Version

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Ulead Photo Express 6 is a photo editing application package that is designed for beginners who want to get something quick, without too much hassle. Ulead Photo Express offers some nice extra that lets you convert your photos into photo albums, calendars, cards, web pages and web albums.


AutoCAD 2010 Full Version

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AutoCAD 2010 is a CAD computer software that allows you to draw 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional which has been developed by Autodesk. Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 is used by civil engineers, land developers, architects, mechanical engineers, interior designers and others. With AutoCAD 2010, your ideas can take shape with greater clarity and accuracy than ever before, thanks to the means of the new surface modeling and support the cloud point. New inferred limited ability to work with the parameters that make it easier, and updated productivity tools help you deliver the final design documentation faster than before.

Autodesk AutoCad v2010 Final [ x86 ]
Autodesk AutoCad v2010 Final [x64]
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Master Visio Standard 2010 Full Version

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Visio Standard 2010 offers a modern tools and intuitive diagrams to transform complex ideas into important moments. A set of various forms of pre - drawn shapes, pictures and templates and a new automated equipment to draw and make the visualization easier than ever. Meeting the needs of Visio 2010 diagrams for IT, business, process management, and more with the form of pre - drawn shapes and intelligent templates. Drawing Diagrams with Visio Fast through and if you 're creating a diagram or modify existing ones, Visio 2010 helps you to add and align the shapes that are easier and accurate with features such as Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, Auto Page Size, and Auto Align & Space.

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Proteus 7.7 SP2 Pro_2

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Beberapa saat yang lalau, ada praktikan yang gagal membuat sebuah rangkaian. Akhirnya saya mengenalkan Software PROTEUS kepada mereka sekedar untuk belajar. S yukur2 bermanfaat membuat lebih semangat belajar tentang elektronika.
Yuph… Sebelum membuat rangkaian elektronika, ada baiknya kita simulasikan terlebih dahulu rancangan rangkaian kita menggunakan software cerdas bernama PROTEUS. Disini, kita bisa bermain-main dengan simulasi, sehingga dengan mudah kita mengetahui apakah rancangan elektronika kita sudah benar atau masih ada yang salah. Buat teman-teman yang baru mendengar istilah PROTEUS ini, berikut saya berikan tutorial singkat cara menggunakan software simulasi elektronika ini. Sangat mudah dan simple.
1.  Instal PROTEUS, kemudian jalankan Aplikasi ini.
2. Akan muncul GUI seperti gambar di bawah ini
3. Kemudian pilih komponen yang akan digunakan, lihat gambar. Pada toolbox sebelah kiri, pilih Component mode kemudian klik tombol yang berisi huruf P Untuk mengaktifkan Pick Device.
Pick Device adalah box dialog untuk memilih komponen yang akan kita gunakan.
pilih komponen
4.  Akan muncul box dialog, isikan komponen yang Anda inginkan pada kolom keywords. misalnya  diisi 7408 kemudian pilih salah satu list komponen yang muncul, klik OK!

PDF Protection Remover

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sebelumnya saya udah posting tentang PDF password remover,,kali ini saya akan posting tentang posting cara remove proteksi file pdf.
pastinya kalian pernah jumpa ama file pdf yang g bisa di copy,edit ataupun di print. nah untuk mengatasi hal tersebut software ini sangatlah ampuh.


PDF Password Remover

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ni adalah softwarre yang dapat digunakan buat nge remove password PDF. So bila kamu punya file pdf yang di password n gtw or lupa passwordnya,kamu g perlu khawatir. software ini bisa diandalkan.

PDF Password Remover

Eagle Profesional 11

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EAGLE Product information

The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for
Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
The program consists of three main modules
which are embedded in a single user interface. Therefore there is no need for converting netlists between schematics and layouts.

Program Features (Professional Edition)


  • online Forward- and Back-Annotation
  • context sensitive help function
  • no hardware copy protection!
  • multiple windows for board, schematic and library
  • powerful User Language
  • integrated text editor
  • available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Layout Editor

  • maximum drawing area 1.6 x 1.6m (64 x 64 inch)
  • resolution 1/10,000mm (0.1 micron)
  • up to 16 signal layers
  • conventional and SMT parts
  • comes with a full set of part libraries
  • easily create your own parts with the fully integrated library editor
  • undo/redo function for ANY editing command, to any depth
  • script files for batch command execution
  • copper pouring
  • cut and paste function for copying entire sections of a drawing
  • design rule check
  • interactive Follow-me Router (requires the Autorouter module)

Schematic Editor

  • up to 999 sheets in one schematic
  • electrical rule check
  • gate and pinswap
  • create a board from a schematic with a single command


  • ripup&retry router
  • up to 16 signal layers
  • routing strategy driven by user definable cost factors

CAM Processor

  • Postscript
  • pen plotters
  • Gerber plotters
  • Excellon and Sieb&Meyer drill files
  • configurable through ASCII file for easy definition of your own output devices

System Requirements


  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7


  • Intel PC based Linux
  • Kernel version 2.6
  • X11 in at least 8bpp mode


  • Mac OS X 10.4 on PPC or Intel 

Download Eagle Pro 11 Full


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Ini nih software buat menghapus password RAR..Memang c prosesnya butuh waktu tapi yahuut buat di coba


Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended + Jamu

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Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended software is the ultimate solution for advanced digital imaging, delivering all the editing and compositing capabilities of Photoshop CS5 plus breakthrough tools that let you create and edit 3D and motion-based content.

Go beyond traditional image editing by bringing 3D elements to your 2D artwork directly within your favorite digital imaging application, which now offers an easy on-ramp to 3D image creation.

Explore new creative possibilities with tremendous precision and freedom. Easily select intricate image elements, such as hair. Create realistic painting effects. Remove any image element and see the space fill in almost magically.
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  12. jamu

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5

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Creativity and power come together in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. With increased speed, more accurate color control, enhanced vector illustration tools and new Web capabilities, it’s a must-have for any designer. Get going quickly with new professionally designed templates and learning materials. Find graphics, fonts and images on your computer faster than ever with new Corel® CONNECT. Re-purpose and share your creations anywhere with expanded file compatibility. Then output everywhere, from Web banners and animations, to logos, custom signs and more.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 is a collection of graphics applications including CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, clip art, fonts, stock photos, and a number of supporting applications. The trial and electronic download versions are available today a in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Pofesional Plus Activated Forever Genuine

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Microsoft Office 2010 offers rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best wk at the office home school. Grab your audience's attention and inspire them with your ideas visually. Create results with people at the same time and stay connected to your files across the town around the wld. With Office 2010 you're in control of getting things done and delivering amazing results accding to your schedule.

Microsoft Wd 2010
Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft OneNote 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft Communicat
Microsoft InfoPath 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Wkspace 2010


Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Master Collection

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Creative Suite 5 Master Collection components
• Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Extended
• Adobe® Illustrator® CS5
• Adobe® InDesign® CS5
• Adobe® Acrobat® 9.3 Professional
• Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ CS5 • Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5
• Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 Standard
• Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5
• Adobe® Fireworks® CS5
• Adobe® Contribute® CS5
• Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5
• Adobe® After Effects® CS5
• Adobe® Soundbooth® CS5
• Adobe® OnLocation™ CS5
• Adobe® Encore® CS5
• Adobe® Bridge CS5
• Adobe® Device Central CS5
• Adobe® Media Encoder CS5
• Adobe® Extension Manager
• Integrates with Adobe® CS Live online services*
*Adobe CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time and include
Adobe® BrowserLab, Adobe® CS Review,, Adobe® Story and
SiteCatalyst® NetAverages†

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